One of Australia’s most trusted brands, COLORBOND® steel cladding is built to withstand some of the harshest weather the North Queensland climate can produce. Available in a range of colours, COLORBOND® steel’s oven baked finish also resists flaking and blistering under normal weather conditions.


COLORBOND® Accessories

COLORBOND® steel flashings and accessories are available in a choice of 22 traditional and contemporary colours, to match the design and palette of your shed and home.


Horizontal COLORBOND® Cladding

Contemporary and stylish, horizontal CUSTOM ORB® cladding will enhance the appearance of your shed, while offering the protection and strength you expect from COLORBOND® steel.


Gable Infills

Gable infills protect your shed from the prevailing weather, add a touch of style, and can be fitted to a number of sheds in our range of R&F Steel Buildings Atherton products.