Bring natural light to your shed with our range of tough, high impact-resistant polycarbonate skylights. Available in a range of colours and diffusions, skylights can also improve the comfort of your workspace by filtering light and reducing heat loads within your shed.



Installing a wind-driven roof ventilator in your shed, particularly for high-fume workspaces, can create a more comfortable and healthy working environment. Unbeatable Sheds’ range of ventilators offer high volume extraction rates, leak-proof flashings, and have the capacity to withstand high wind loads—essential for Far North Queensland’s unpredictable weather. Featuring a self-lubricating steel bearing system, our whirlybirds are silent, low-maintenance and can be colour matched to your COLORBOND® steel roof.


Roof Extensions/Garaports

Our roof extensions—or garaports—continue your existing roofline, without the side or end wall. Roof extensions add an adaptable covered space to your workshop, while also enhancing to the look of your property.


Wall and Roof Insulation

Designed especially for sheds, and featuring patented, closed-cell foam enclosed within highly reflective, anti-tear foil surfaces, our insulation is the only choice for your shed walls and roof. Fibre-free and non-allergenic, this is Australia’s leading shed insulation.